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TaskHound is an all-inclusive, easy-to-use time tracking solution for any size business.

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Business Productivity

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We built TaskHound because we could not find any business productivity software that was simple and easy yet powerful.

Keep Track of your Customers

Do you ever feel like you're losing track of your customers, your projects, and how much money they've spent with you? Well, never fear! Our new tracking system makes it easier than ever to keep tabs on all of your important information. With our system, you'll be able to see your customers' information, your projects, and how much money your customers have spent with you - all in one place!

  • Organize your customers
  • Track Customer Value
  • Create/ Manage Projects

Manage your Projects

Are you looking for a better way to manage your projects and track their budgets, time and materials? With TaskHound, you can easily add projects and begin tracking their budgets, time and materials.

  • Project Health Simplified
  • Track Your Budget
  • Manage Tasks and Charge Centers

Keep a Pulse on Budgets

If you're looking for an easy and painless way to keep track of your budget, look no further than TaskHound. With our budgeting tool, you can quickly and easily view your current and projected budget usage, so you'll never have to worry about going over budget again.

  • Firm Fixed Price, Resetting, or Retainers
  • Prevent Overrun
  • Forget Excel and Project Files

Run Reports

Are you sick of generating endless reports? TaskHound takes care of generating your reports so you can focus on running your business based on those reports. View your employee time entries, client billing cycles, project health, and budget statuses all within our Report Center.

  • Forget Word Documents
  • Access on any device
  • Unlock your data

Track Employee Time

TaskHound offers different ways to make time tracking simple and easy for your employees. Each of these options can be enabled or disabled based on what your business needs.

Manual Entry

Allow employees to input their own hours into their timesheet.

Punch In/Out

Have your employees punch in and out per project or day as they're working.

Coming Soon
SMART Timesheets

Unlock the ability for SMART Timesheets, using Geo-location and Artificial Intelligence to track time for employees.

Add Unlimited Employees

Pay one fixed price per month, with no worries about how many employees you have.

For a Single Fixed Price

Use TaskHound for free or subscribe to our premium subscription to unlock Unlimited Everything.

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  • 5 Employees

  • 2 Customers

  • 10 Projects

  • 10 Cost Codes

  • 10 Budgets

  • Reports

  • Email Support

  • Phone Support

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  • Cost Codes

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  • Reports

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Got Questions? Look Here

Does TaskHound offer a Free Trial?

Our base plan is 100% Free! So enjoy everything TaskHound has to offer to get your business started, and then once you're ready upgrade to premium!

Do I need to pay per employee?

No! We built TaskHound out of frustration of payment per employee every month for timesheets. We charge a single monthly fee, where you get unlimited everything.

Will the price ever go up?

No, you will pay the same amount when you first signed up with TaskHound. If we ever raise our prices, we will continue to honor your price.

What is your refund policy?

We are proud to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date you paid your first bill.

Is TaskHound Privacy Friendly?

Yes! We never share or sell your data with anyone, period. You can read our privacy policy

Is it really unlimited everything?

Yes, we do not want to nickle and dime your business, so everything that is included in TaskHound is unlimited. Create as many customers, projects, and cost codes as you need to make sure your business is successful.

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